Smoke Detector/Alarms

The general rule is to change the smoke alarms in our homes every 10 to 12 years. Our units have the ones that are hard wired into our homes and on each level of our units.

One resident has just replaced his with a dual sensor (both heat and smoke). They are the 120 volt ac powered, with a battery backup and a “hush” button for those times we over do our toast or ??? The units are the Kidde Pro series (see picture below) from Rona Home builders. The price is $38.98, unless you get them on Seniors Day (first Tuesday of the month) and get 10% off at $35.08.

The old smoke alarms are not to be discarded in the the garbage because of radioactive sensing element, but can be recycled at the Return-it depot at Ellery and Lampson St in Esquimalt at no charge. It only takes about 15 minutes to change each unit once the power has been turned off.

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