Garage Door Maintenance

These are names of suppliers who can provide the same or similar replacement model of garage door consistent with what is used in our complex.

Depend-A-Door, Steelcraft Doors, Colour – Sandstone QC4611

Tedford, Clopay Doors, Colour- Sandstone

Below you will find two files on the topic of garage door maintenance. The first file is submitted by Nancy Walsh and she shares their experience with the process of installing and upgrading their garage door (first unit in our strata to replace their garage door).

Strata Garage Door Maintenance – July 2013

As a followup to the Walsh’s experience, Depend-a-dor is offering a significant savings on a garage door tune-up if it can get a minimum of five units to participate. For details on how to take advantage of this offer see the file below:


Do You Have Fire Extinguishers?

At the July 26th, 2012 meeting, strata council was advised by its insurer, Aon, that to help mitigate any risk in our complex, all owners should have a fire extinguisher on each floor of their unit.

One of our residents, retired fire chief Doug Angrove, recommended “owners purchase a fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 5A-2BC. Extinguishers with this rating usually cost around $20-$30 per extinguisher.”

Doug said the 5A-2BC rating is what the fire department  recommended to small offices as the minimum size they needed to have in their businesses. This size of extinguisher is perfect for the average homeowner to handle and will extinguish most small fires.

“But I would advise people to only use the extinguisher for small fires and not to delay calling 911 while they look for the extinguisher to put out the fire. Fires can grow a little quicker than most people realize,” Doug said.

In addition to recommending all owners purchase fire extinguishers for their units, Strata Council is taking further measures to mitigate risks by investigating the feasibility of building or purchasing a storage shed to store combustible materials and equipment.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are lifesavers–but only if they work. Once a year — spring is a good time — test your alarm system.

In our townhomes the alarms are hard-wired (meaning wired to the electrical system). They also have a battery backup in case of a power outage.

One advantage of a hard-wired system is that all alarms will sound whenever only one alarm is triggered. This can also present a special challenge when testing the alarm. 

Normally one can do the test by simply pushing the test button. However when the alarm sounds, it can be difficult to distinguish whether you are hearing all three alarms or just one or two.

When doing the test, it’s best to do it with one or two other people, with each person stationed near a different alarm to confirm they can all be heard.

If you have difficulty reaching the test button, use a broom handle or a cane to press the button for 30 seconds.

Dust can clog a smoke alarm. Before testing your alarm  system shut off the power and vacuum the outside vents only. Then restore power and test unit when finished.

Remember, only a working smoke alarm can save your life.

Parking to get mail

Owners are reminded that the safest place to park when retrieving your mail is at the base of the entrance to the complex in the cul de sac.

In past owners have parked either beside the mailbox or in front of Unit 2 and Unit 5 and walked to the mailbox — this blocks the lane for incoming vehicles and can potentially cause an accident to occur.

How to Replace Lost Canada Post Mailbox Keys

  1. Go to your local Canada Post Office or contact Canada Post at 1-866-607-6301.
  2. Request a change of lock and a set of replacement keys
  3. Canada Post will replace the lock on your mailbox.
  4. Bring the Delivery Notice Card that you receive to the Post Office indicated along with photo identification.

Cleaning Your Deck

Strata council has been advised by the professional who have repaired our decks over the years that power washing is not recommended. It can cause the deck membrane to break down and then cause water damage to the structure of the deck below the membrane.  Several residents have had success with a product called “RV Awning Cleaner” available at Canadian Tire. It is a white 32 fl oz plastic container with a mostly blue label with a little brand name at bottom that says “Camco RV”. Dilute according to instructions. Dribble on deck, leave for a bit, scrub with plastic scrub brush with long handle. Re-apply where needed.

Kill those pesky weeds!

Measure 2 cups vinegar, 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of dish washing liquid into a plastic spray bottle. Mix well by shaking. Use with care, as you do not want to spray any flowers or shrubs with the weed killer. The vinegar kills the weeds, while the salt keeps them from regrowing. 

If you prefer to buy a chemical product, Canadian Tire sells an environmenally-friendly Round-up in a handy spray bottle that works very well.

Maintenance for Composite ‘Timbertech’ Decks

During the summer of 2020 several units had their wooden decks replaced with composite decking. Below you will find the cleaning instructions for these decks.  Our decking is Timbertech Edge:

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